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Winter Football Tournament 2016

Our sister company EMICOOL LLC has organized the Winter Football Tournament which have brought our parent and sister companies together as participants of 5 football teams from: Emicool, Union Properties, Dubai Investment Park-DIP, Aquacool Metering LLC and Thermo LLC.

The support and encouragement from our CEO, Mr. Abdul Hamid Moukayed motivated our passionate players and also empowered ties within the businesses through interaction in sports, which fosters unity in “Engineering the Future”.

The Thermo team had won four matches and now leading the Tournament by 12 points under the guidance of our Mr. Saeed Alamri (Team Manager), Mr. Mohammad Alasad (Team Captain), Mr. Rawad Jbaee (Coach) and the other dynamic players Mr. Feras Jaber, Mr. Mazen Haider, Mr. Basel Mahouk, Mr. Hussain Ebrahim Fataftah, Mr. Mohamad Naaman, Mr. Housam Naaman, Mr. Yasser Wajeh and Mr. Mohammad Abdelrahim Alsaid.

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