MEP 2008- Largest MEP project award

Thermo were awarded the project in December 2004, and was at the time reported to be the world's largest MEP contract awarded. There are 19 substations for the concourse, containing 90 transformers with ratings of 1600/2000KVA supplying 45 MDB's. The terminal has a further nine substations with 58 distribution transformers, while the car park has two substations containing four transformers.

With a total cooling of 45,000TR, utilized by 700 Air Handling Units, 2,000 Fan Coil units and 30 CRACU (computer room) units, Thermo has installed an approximate 750,000 Sq mtrs of GI ductwork. Chilled water is supplied Via CUC-6 through 1050mm distributed 286 (103 sets of) chilled water pumps, each of which is driven using a Variable Frequency drives for energy optimization. Also installed are four FHU with a total air capacity of 866 CuMt per sec.

On the plumbing side, cold water is supplied through carbon filters, cartridge filters to the point of use. Hot water being through 127 Electric Storage Water Heaters tempering valves and mixing valves. Chilled Condensate is collected, treated and re cycled for dishwashing purposes in the kitchens. Soil and wastewater is collected into sump pits, to be pumps to the external drainage system through a series of sum pumps.

The fire protection system consists of a wet pipe sprinkler system, stand pipe system, deluge system,pre action system, and portable fire extinguishers in accordance to NFPA. There are seperate fire pump rooms for T3 and C2 fed by concrete water tanks and electrical driven main fire pumps. The pre action system is provided in the water sensitive areas, such as electrical rooms.